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EEAP can provide you with a FREE Mock OSHA Inspection by calling (800) 734-3574.

It's like a friendly audit, where one of our safety experts will walk around your facility or jobsite and point out potential OSHA violations and safety hazards.


We promise that we can save you tens of thousands of dollars in completely avoidable and unnecessary citations. The Mock OSHA Inspection is absolutely free and there is no obligation to purchase our services.


Your Free Mock OSHA Inspection includes the following services:


1. A worksite walk through to identify:

2. A review of:

  • OSHA Violations
  • Safety Documentation
  • Unsafe Practices
  • Training Records
  • Code Infractions
  • Inspection Records
  • Machine Guarding Issues
  • OSHA Logs. Postings & Signage
  • How to Correct/Abate Hazards
  • Safety Procedures


How Can a Mock OSHA Inspection Help Me?

It will help you identify compliance issues and safety hazards in your workplace. Upon correction of such issues you will avoid citations in the event of a OSHA visit.


What Can Trigger a REAL OSHA Inspection?

A serious injury to an employee.

  • Employee requires inpatient hospitalization for a period in excess of 24 hours for other than medical observation.
  • Employee suffers dismemberment.
  • Employee suffers permanent disfigurement.
  • Death.


A complaint.

All legitimate complaints must be followed up with a OSHA visit.


Industry Sweep.

When OSHA detects a pattern in a particular industry, they will conduct random inspections throughout the industry.


Area Sweep.

OSHA rotates geographical areas where they will conduct random inspections of selected businesses regardless of industry.


High MOD rates.

OSHA by mandate acquires records from workers compensation providers to monitor MOD rates. If your MOD rate exceeds 1.25 you will be flagged for inspection.




For a FREE Mock OSHA Inspection call EEAP at (800) 734-3574.




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