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When OSHA citations are involved, we will represent you fairly and confidentially. EEAP has an excellent track record of significantly reducing OSHA citations. You don’t need to hire an expensive attorney to handle a OSHA issue.


If you have a current OSHA citation, contact us for a FREE OSHA citation review. We will carefully review your citation and provide you with an expert assessment, based on our 27 years of experience. We will gladly provide you with helpful recommendations, regardless of whether you purchase our services or not. Although we cannot guarantee the outcome of any case, historically we have been very successful.


EEAP The Safety People, Safety, CalOSHA, CalOSHA Defense, Defense

In the event of a OSHA citation, our ongoing support customers receive the following types of services at no additional cost:

  • Assistance in Contacting OSHA after an Incident and/or Accident

  • Initial Citation Review

  • Writing and Filing Appeals & Amendments

  • Representation at all Informal Conferences and Hearings

  • Monitoring of the Appeals Process

  • Comprehensive support from the beginning until the case closes


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